Containment Devices


Isolate and contain any threats discovered

Containment Devices


Blast bins and blankets

The blast bins and blankets are to be used in conjunction with a cabinet or conveyor scanner. Designed and tested to withstand an explosive device found within a suspect package; our mobile blast containers and blankets are constructed from woven composite materials designed to soften the damage caused by an IED.

The design of the blast bin means that should a device explode whilst the item is in the bin the blast is directed upwards but the sides contain or soften most of the blast fragmentation. The bomb blanket allows for covering a suspect item where found and not disturbing the package.

Hazmat Containment Box

Used in conjunction with an X-Ray scanner the Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) Containment Box is used to isolate a suspect item. White powder attacks have become more common and although most of these incidents are discovered to be hoaxes it causes panic, shutting off of air conditioning and evacuations.

The aim of people sending these items is purely to disrupt your day-to-day business operation, and to combat this the safe containment of a threat is needed to reduce unnecessary worry to staff and to allow business to continue as usual while the incident is reported and dealt with.

Do you have questions about containment? If you do then please feel free to contact us directly on 01322 288890.