X-Ray Conveyor Mail Scanners

For high volumes, bigger parcels and luggage

Helping you choose a conveyor scanner

Our high capacity X-Ray scanning units are designed for the throughput of higher quantities of mail items or bigger packages in goods-in and mailroom settings. On reception areas and at access points they are utilised to scan deliveries and luggage items quickly to reduce delaying the movement of people and goods.

Using the built-in controls items can be moved along the conveyor and stopped in position for scanning. An image of the scanned item is shown on screen allowing the operator to zoom and rotate the image to focus in on wires and other components.

These very powerful tools for detecting explosives (IEDs), chemical and biological threats, weapons, drugs and malicious items are also made simple to use. With training provided by our team your operators and staff will be able to identify these threats and deal with them effectively.

Tell us a little about you and get a quote

To enable us to help you make the right choice of conveyor scanner, please fill in the form and give us a little more information about your requirements. We will be able to give you the pros and cons of each machine and enable you to make a more informed choice.

If you need any help at this stage, please call us on 01322 288890

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Cabinet X-Ray systems

More info Designed with a compact footprint when your space is at a premium; our Cabinet X-Ray systems and mail and parcel scanners make the perfect addition to your security, protecting you against postal threats.

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Conveyor X-Ray systems

High capacity X-Ray security scanners with conveyors are made to effectively scan high volumes of post, parcels, luggage and bags before they enter your premises to protect you against concealed malicious or dangerous items and substances.

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Postal Security Threat Detection

When added to your X-Ray mail scanners this software enhances your threat detection capabilities and helps to keep your operator's skills up to date.