Cabinet X-Ray Mail Scanner


High performance with a small footprint

MR 10 Cabinet X-Ray Mail Scanner

Compact Cabinet Scanner


MR10Compact Cabinet X-Ray Scanner

Like all our cabinet X-Ray scanners the MR10 is designed with a compact footprint for your business when space is at a premium. The MR10 even with a smaller cabinet is still a powerful tool for screening smaller quantities of incoming mail, packages and bags.

Each scan produces a high resolution image letting you instantly see what is in any item of post you receive. The built in enhancement tools then let you capture the image and investigate further with the Negative Image function and Enhanced Powder Detection.

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  • Full colour TFT monitor 19” LCD
  • Enhanced Powder Detection (EPD)
  • High and medium Density Alert
  • 3mm steel penetration
  • 36AWG wire resolution


General dimensions

Cabinet: 1020mm
Cabinet width: 430mm Cabinet depth: 488mm
Inspection chamber: Height: 345mm
Width: 423mm Depth: 410mm