Cabinet X-Ray Mail Scanner


High performance with a small footprint

MR 15 Cabinet X-Ray Mail Scanner

Mid-sized Cabinet Scanner


MR15Mid-sized Cabinet X-Ray Scanner

The MR15 is our most popular cabinet scanner; meeting the criteria for mailrooms, reception areas, for contraband detection and is a cost effective way to protect your staff and premises from threats concealed in letters, parcels and bags.

Still with a small footprint (only 45cm x 67cm) the MR15 produces a high resolution image that is displayed on a 19” LCD screen. With one-touch functions for emailing and archiving, any threat that has been identified can be escalated to another senior member of staff very quickly or referenced against an archived image.

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  • Full colour TFT monitor 19” LCD
  • Enhanced Powder Detection (EPD)
  • High and medium Density Alert
  • 3mm steel penetration
  • 36AWG wire resolution


General dimensions

Cabinet: 1504mm
Cabinet width: 455mm Cabinet depth: 670mm
Inspection chamber: Height: 540mm
Width: 448mm Depth: 586mm