MR50 Conveyor Mail Scanner


For higher volumes of mail, parcels and baggage

MR50 Conveyor X-Ray Mail Scanner

Dual Energy X-Ray Scanning


MR50Conveyor X-Ray Mail Scanner

The MR50 dual energy X-Ray Conveyor Scanner offers you a smaller unit with no compromise in detection capability. The MR50 will allow for parcels and baggage up to 50cm x 35cm.

The 22" LED monitor and multi-function keyboard gives you the ability to zoom in colour up to 64x, edge enhance, manage images of previously scanned items and also start and stop the conveyor.

With 250GB of storage you can capture and record scanning session information by date and by user, so that you can recall previously scanned images and then forward TIF or JPEG via email or USB flash drive.

Enhanced detection management tools such as energy stripping can be utilised to screen for organic, inorganic and metallic composition.

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  • Full colour TFT monitor 22” LCD
  • Enhanced Powder Detection (EPD)
  • High and medium Density Alert
  • 32mm steel penetration
  • 41AWG wire resolution
  • Variable edge enhancement


General dimensions

Height: 1212mm | Width: 770mm | Length: 1524mm
Inspection tunnel:
Height: 360mm
Width: 506mm