ADS and TIP Software


Enhance your threat detection capabilities

ADS and TIP Software


ADS (Advanced Detection System)

When added to your X-Ray scanning unit, ADS software enhances your threat detection capability. Advanced algorithms highlight suspect items using the density and atomic number of explosives, drugs or cash and highlight these on your monitor in colour and creates an alert.

ADS software is invaluable for busy mailrooms and higher quantities of mail as the equipment operators are given a much higher and enhanced detection system.

TIP (Threat Image Projection)

TIP software is a virtual image management tool, and is the preferred training method of regulatory agencies worldwide. It helps you to ensure that the equipment operators are fully using their training, enhancing their skills and using the scanners full potential.

The software runs in the background and creates a fictional threat, projecting this image randomly into everyday scanning for the operators to discover and investigate. “Hit and Miss” reports can be run by a manager remotely or when logging off the system.

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